About Open-Teck


Open-Teck was founded in April 2015 by Luc-Olivier LAMBERMONT, trade engineer. Part of his life, it's under the shape of a selfemployed sidejob that Open-Teck grew. ​

​ In february 2016, Open-Teck became Ready PARTNER of Odoo, a belgian company that is specialize in ERP software. Odoo offers a suite of Open Source software that allow you to cover all the fields of a company (CRM, Sales, Purchases, Invoicing, Accounting, Human Resources, Manufacturing, ...). ​

​ After a yea of teamwork and learning, Open-Teck became totally independant in order to focus on hosting websites. 2017 and 2018 were rich years in encounters and in deepening techniques of web mastering. Besides, a new pillar dedicated to Sustainable Development (under the shape of Lean Management and Quality Management) was born. That new pillar is combining the technology of informatics in order to offer solutions in balance between performance, repect towards future generations and profit. ​

In september 2019, Open-Teck became anew a PARTNER of Odoo, being a Learning PARTNER. New challenges and skills will allow a renewed teamwork between Odoo and Open-Teck. ​

Our Team