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Professional websites

Web applications

Applications run from your browser

Mobile apps

Apps run from your mobile phone


Contact Open-Teck for creating your professional website.

Features Open-Teck can offer you for your website

Website features

Responsive design

Whether your website is displayed on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone, the design is adapted to fit the screen display.

Secure website

Your website will display the 'green padlock' when users access it, which means they will know it is secure (SSL certificates).

Parallax scrolling

Images used as background on your website can be displayed using parallax scrolling. It is rendering a 3D-similar effect giving it more depth.

eCommerce for online sales

Your website can be used to sell products and services online : managing orders, stocks, payments and more.

Addons : forum, chat, email adresses, ...

For extra features like a forum, online chat assistance, email addresses with your domain name, event management, ... 

Choice between a huge  library of pictures

You can choose among a lot of pictures owned by Open-Teck. Additional pics and videos can also be shot when the need arises.

Web applications

Contact Open-Teck for developing your web application.

Features Open-Teck can offer you for your web application

Web app features

Responsive design

Whether your web application is displayed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices, its design is adapted to fit their screen display.

Secure connection

The connection to your web application is safe and secure. It is using SSL/TLS technology and encryption so that your passwords and data are well protected.

Powerful programming languages

Your web application is built using Java, Python and Javascript, which are widespread programming languages.

Optimization under constrains

According to the problems to solve, your web application can optimize solutions under constrains using powerful algorithms.

Integration to your website

Your web application can communicate with your website and transfer data to/from it : online orders sent to your accounting, evaluate stock levels before accepting orders, ...

Multi-users and multi-languages

Several users can connect to your web application, using their login and password. Their account can be bound to the language of their choice and the application screens are displayed accordingly.

Mobile apps

Contact Open-Teck if you need a mobile app.

Features Open-Teck can offer you for your mobile app

Mobile app features

Integration with your website and your web application

Your mobile app can work along with your website and your web application.


For some specific needs, your mobile app can use GPS coordinates that can be found on a mobile phone.

Pictures and videos

Your mobile app can be used to take pictures and send them to another application for other needs.

iOS and Android supported

Your mobile app is compatible on most of the smartphones (Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, ...).

Movement and gesture recognition

Depending on your needs, your mobile app can recognize your gestures and movements (Touchless interface).

Secure connection and communication

Users on your mobile app can connect with a secure login and password, or using the latest technologies on their smartphone (Face ID, Touch ID, Two-Factor Authentication, ...)