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The Alliance between Technology and Ecology



Have you ever thought about building a future for yourself and your progeny ?

Have you ever thought doing business, but still feeling a bitter taste in your mouth about how money came into your wallet ?

Well, the alliance of Technology, Ecology and Ethics is a healthy option to make money and build your business on strong and long term values for yourself and future generations.

How can Open-Teck help you achieve that goal ?

Open-Teck is a dynamic, young and progressive business, based on ethical values and powerful technologies.

We can help you acquire the most integrated and performant online services, from building and hosting your website, to analyzing your needs and helping you determine the perfect ERP solution. We can also provide you with the most accurate hardware fitting your needs : Point of Sales materials, Laptops, Desktops, IP Cameras, 3D Printers and recycling machines ...

What is different at Open-Teck, is how we analyze your processes, your needs and actually your whole business, while using widespread norms and standards (e.g. ISO-9001, LEAN Management, ...). LEAN & GREEN, avoiding wastes to achieve performance and build a growing business that doesn't destroy our future. These are our values.